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Cyber Security is like underwear: don’t let people see it, change it often and don’t share with strangers.

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Gabriel Moore

The following four words were the centre point of this year’s InfoSecurity Europe Event and have been creeping their way into how a company approaches its security: ‘efficient, evolving, integrated and necessary.’ 

From providers advertising that this is what they can supply and companies’ holding their hands up admitting it is what they need. However, what a company wants and needs are two very different things, and it is the difference between a multi-million budget spend or some minor but effective internal changes.

The thirst for new technology is making organisations even more complex, and at the current rate it is progressing, there is a lot of opinion on the necessity for trendy technology and what will create the perfect formula to ‘streamline, accelerate and strengthen.’

Sometimes you need a little bit of ‘unicorn magic’

A unicorn. We’re not talking billion dollar companies, but those professional tech-savvy hidden gems who, up until recently been given a limited, back end server access to a company’s processes.  Individuals with the technical experience within cyber security, who can also relay this information in layman’s terms to stakeholders.

The challenge? Cyber and information security ‘unicorns’ are often comfortably settled in permanent positions so companies that want to trial a central security system are struggling to find people to fill that interim gap.

It is no secret the perception of a cyber security individual is someone hidden behind a computer screen that is tucked away working on coding. This year there is an undeniable shortage of qualified ‘unicorns’ joining these teams. Could this be the reason that organisations are using machines as a way to fill this professional gap?

Are we getting ahead of ourselves?

Let’s get straight to the point that a healthy amount of scepticism is needed when it comes to contemplating the urgent need for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in the workplace. A number of qualified creators of this technology are warning people to not believe the hype. Is it safe to say the industry is rushing when it comes to jumping on the artificial intelligence (AI) band wagon?

The inevitable and continuous debate on whether these new technological steps will mean erasing jobs for humans did in fact emerge. Across the globe companies are in a battle to be the first when it comes to reducing the physical and digital gap in their industry. By this, it is the goal of many companies to have such an integrated and efficient system in place that the digital, automated service provided is at the forefront, followed closely by humans as an alternative to a unique situation. 

No fear, humans are not being replaced, just being moved along the initial point of contact scale with clients and customers.

Is it time for a change in underwear?

The primary goal for a majority of companies is to be on the front lines when it comes to using technically innovative cyber and information security systems. There is a thirst for these changes and the need to evolve is very prominent, but the question still remains if the core systems are implemented in these companies are they ready to handle the new tech. At the core of any AI/ML/cyber security system is a well refined and ‘clean’ database.

The eagerness to make cyber security an integrated and crucial part of a company is there. The nudge to make it happen still needs to happen. 

Finally, companies are at the forefront of a technological boom in what is considered the new trendy system to have. Are they ready to have it happen … we will see.