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5 reasons Singapore's tech start-up scene is thriving

  • Publish Date: Posted over 3 years ago
  • Author:by Luke Eeles

Singapore has a supportive and ambitious outlook when it comes to embracing new technology. It is a way to create not only profitable, but sustainable growth that can be implemented in improving all aspects of the country’s life. The best way to describe Singapore; a magnet for new tech and those who want to build their careers in it.

Asia’s start-up scene may be young and ambitious but it is vigorous. Singapore has been a significant hub since the late 1990’s and has seen this huge boost due to the unquestionable government support, an efficient business approach and a thriving entrepreneurial community.

There is not a lack of hype and tech trends that are currently circulating the market in Singapore. With the amount of start-ups boasting impressive strides in their sector, the coming 12 to 18 months are going to be an interesting insight into what consumers deem successful and necessary. After all, start-ups are built off the back of the consumer’s demands and expectations.

Tech giants are moving their operations to Singapore, attracted to the city’s cosmopolitan culture and outstanding support to new innovation. According to recent reports across 2018 and 2019 so far, Singapore has emerged as the top destination for AI and robotics investments.

The recruitment industry will have the opportunity to thrive as the demand for tech savvy professionals grows. A trend I predict to increase over the coming year will be clients wanting to hire ambitious professionals who are experienced and equipped with the knowledge of these new tech innovations.

Five reasons Singapore has such a large percentage of tech professionals;

  1. It has the ample support from its government to use this new technology across multiple industries
  2. The possibility for partnerships is made prominent, although it has a small location it has local and international connections
  3. Singapore is among the top global leaders in virtual reality, AI, autonomous vehicles and robotics
  4. Rich entrepreneurial community that is given an open welcome by the country to let Singapore be their home
  5. Magnet for tech talent in young professionals all over the globe (its reputation speaks volumes for those thirsty to be a part of the tech revolution)

We are all aware that the success of a new tech start-up is its consistency. It may enter the market at a prime time to make a lot of noise about its immediate successes, but for sustainable growth and support; how is Singapore going to keep its tech hype from losing its momentum?