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What makes a superstar hire in the private banking industry?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 years ago
  • Author:by Chanel Wee

In our line of work, we hear a multitude of hiring requirements daily. These start from technical requirements, soft skills, personality fit, and the list goes on. In the private banking industry where soft skills are particularly important, we often find hiring managers assigning different weightage to a large spectrum of attributes. What then, are the key attributes to a superstar hire?

Based on our hiring experiences and working with leaders in the field to hunt for exceptional talent, we have condensed a few pointers to share. The list is not exhaustive, but there are indeed some key traits that top interviewees have displayed during their conversations in search of their next move.

Selling You

Know YOUR business at your fingertips. An interview often starts with “Tell me about yourself?”. The intent of the question is an opening statement for you to give a quick summary of your experiences. A clear, concise answer with smooth delivery is fantastic, but exceptional interviewees are confident about their career aspirations, what their role and achievements are specifically (not what their current employer or platform provides generically). Be ready to sell “YOU” and not shy away from the “I’s”. Of course, in a tactful manner.

Your Value

Be specific with your value proposition. Now that you’ve impressed the interviewers with a strong introduction, be ready to share your unique selling points (USPs) and how these attributes will help them achieve their short and long-term objectives. This means some homework has to be done prior to the conversation, regardless of how experienced you may be in your field. A high-level awareness of the person you are speaking with, knowledge of goals and values of the prospective employer coupled with a strong value proposition, will go a long way.

A Personal Touch

Give it a personal touch. private banking is undoubtedly a people’s business. A successful banker who understands their clients inside out, are likeable and stand different from their peers. We have noticed that aside from their excellent advisory work, their persona is unique and cannot be easily replicated. Bring this across to the interviews! During the chat, if time permits give the interviewers a glimpse of who you are, speak about your interests, social clubs, sports that you are passionate about aside from work. More often than not, this elevates the conversation to another level, adding a memorable, personal touch.

What other attributes would you add to the list? If you identify with the above, these pointers could be useful when you seek a new challenge. It is important to have a good sense of the recruitment market and consistent changes such as title and salary benchmarking as well as current movements in the sector.

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