Gaelle Delacour


Senior Consultant, Broking, Claims & Underwriting

Gaelle Delacour is a senior consultant for the broking, claims & underwriting team in London.

Whilst studying for a HR Master’s degree in 2014, Gaelle began her recruitment career and went on to work in France and Singapore.

Gaelle recruits mid-to-senior insurance professionals with a specific focus on the European insurance market, spanning France and Benelux.

Gaelle loves working in the recruitment industry as she enjoys adding value to the process for both her clients and candidates and building long lasting relationships with her network. By understanding that every company and candidate has different needs and requirements ensures that Gaelle remains focussed on sourcing the correct candidates for her clients and finding the dream job for her candidates.

With a passion for the dynamic and ever fluctuating insurance industry, Gaelle is committed to continuously developing her skills and knowledge within her market to become a well-established professional and the ‘go to person’ amongst her client and candidates in Europe.

In 5 years’ time, Gaelle hopes to be managing her own team of consultants dedicated to recruitment in Europe.

Gaelle describes working at Eames as “quality, trusting and expert.”