Jemma Poyner


Associate Consultant, Finance

Jemma Poyner is an associate consultant on the finance team in London, recruiting mid-to-senior professionals across the banking and asset management sectors.

After graduating from Loughborough University in July 2018, Jemma was keen to explore the career options available to her and took on her first recruitment role with Eames in 2019.

Jemma is undertaking the associate consultant development programme, working alongside some of the top performers in the company to increase her knowledge and skills surrounding the recruitment sector.

Committed to the training programme Jemma prides herself on keeping up to date with the latest market trends to share with her clients and candidates, establishing herself as a true expert and credible recruiter within the market.

Attending regular client and candidate meetings allows Jemma to build her own network in the space and develop her own relationships.

Jemma describes Eames as “encouraging, friendly and professional.”