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Jonny Cons

Senior Principal Consultant, Technology

I am a senior principal consultant on the technology team in London and specialise in contract data recruitment. My focus spans roles such as back-end software engineers, data engineers, cloud platform engineers, and ML specialists, catering to a diverse set of clients across tech, commerce, and consulting.

As a dedicated contractor supporter, I play a pivotal role in my client's staffing journey. Acting as a liaison, I ensure seamless processes, with both clients and candidates in mind. My market value lies in a robust candidate network, streamlined processes, and transparent advice, with a commitment to tailored solutions for client challenges.

In a competitive field, my staying power is fueled by unparalleled opportunities, a genuine interest in people, and the ever-thrilling pace of the job.​

What does being an opportunity maker mean to you?

Adding value to people’s lives by providing them with a service that either offers them a solution to their professional problem or shows them an opportunity to progress their career that otherwise they could have missed out on.

What Eames value resonates with you the most and why?

Personal accountability and ingrained drive. With the right attitude and mindset you can achieve great things. I like to internalise accountability and believe that everything is in my control.

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