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FWD Insurance to sell its products directly to consumers

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

FWD Insurance launched its direct- to-consumer business last week, starting with its travel and car insurance solutions. There are plans to bring in direct purchase insurance soon, beginning with term policies. Abhishek Bhatia, FWD Singapore chief executive said, "The model we've chosen is not to recruit tied agents, which is what most of the players in the industry are doing." The company, which is looking to invest $500 million in Singapore over the next five years, is selling travel and car insurance directly online, without the requirement for an agent to call back with a quote. Long forms will be replaced with short website applications where individuals can get a quote for car insurance in less than 60 seconds and one for travel insurance in fewer than 10. The firm is also bringing in a term in its motor insurance policies, where drivers who have a 50% no-claim discount will have the discount enshrined for life, even if they have a number accidents in the same year. Bhatia said: "As soon as you make the payment, you get an e-mail with the policy, and you get an SMS reminding you that you've got the e-mail. The customer experience is at the centre of the whole thing, from product features to how policies will be bought online."