Our purpose is clear: we create opportunities for businesses and people to succeed.

Those opportunities are only possible if we hold true to our values and drive the business forward with diversity and inclusion at our core.

We’re committed to ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion both internally and externally.

Our ED&I journey started in 2018 when we signed on to be early adopters of the Clear Assured Recruitment framework. From here, our vision and commitment grew.

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In 2020 we formally launched our internal Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team.

The group works closely with our Board to drive strategic inclusion and diversity of thought in our own business. With representation across our UK and Asian offices, we're taking a global approach to our diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Our Achievements

We've made tremendous progress in our D&I journey. From conducting training to internal policy reviews through to awareness campaigns and activities, our journey with Clear Assured has seen us accelerate through our diversity and inclusion strategy.

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Our 2022 focus

Pride at Eames

Our focus is on ensuring everyone at Eames can feel empowered to bring their whole true selves to work. We want to foster and nurture an environment for our LGBTQ+ employees to succeed.

Racial and Religious Equity

Our focus is on supporting a culture that is inclusive of race and religion. We believe different and diverse perspectives can create fresh opportunities. And it’s in our differences that we will make opportunity happen.

Let’s Talk About Mental Health

We want our culture to be a place where everyone feels like they can be open if they’re not okay. And get the support they need, without judgment. By talking about mental health, and being open about our experiences, we can ​create a safe stigma-free environment and a culture where no one suffers in silence.

Developing diverse talent and leaders at Eames

Our focus is on ensuring that we provide equal opportunity for all to succeed regardless of gender, race, religion or any protected characteristic.

Our Global Diversity & Inclusion Committee

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Ruth Foster
Ruth Foster
Chief Operating Officer
Mark Thomas
Mark Thomas
Partner & Director
Sarah Roebuck
Sarah Roebuck
Partner & Marketing Director
Elmer Tan
Elmer Tan
Partner & Associate Director, Technology
Amelia Mercer
Amelia Mercer
Principal Consultant, Change Management

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How we can support you in achieving your diversity and inclusion goals?