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Mark Thomas

Partner & Director - Elevate

As Partner & Director at Eames Consulting, I lead Eames Elevate, which supports our tier-one insurance clients to build world-class teams across technology, change, actuarial, broking and underwriting.

Eames Elevate aims to provide our top clients with a premium bespoke service by partnering more closely with them and providing a range of value-add services on top of our full suite of standard recruitment solutions.

✅ Do you want to work with an insurance recruitment expert that covers all of your business areas?
✅ Do you want one POC that manages your relationship that is underpinned by 80+ SME recruiters?
✅ Do you want a completely bespoke recruitment service & range of solutions to support your business?
✅ Do you want regular reporting on industry trends and up-to-date competitor data from the UK’s leading insurance SME recruitment group?

This is why Eames Elevate was created! To provide our tier-one clients with a premium service that quickly delivers them the best talent with a focus on quality and adding wider business value rather than purely a recruitment transaction.

If you'd like to know more about how Eames Elevate works and how you can enquire about your business being considered for this premium service please get in touch.

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  • "​One of the best recruiters I've worked with. He was dedicated to keeping the process moving and answering questions as they arose. Mark did a great job of balancing my needs with the employer. A difficult task, well-executed."

  • "​I had very good communication from Mark and he was very knowledgeable on the role and wider organisation. "

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