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Behind the Desk... with Ollie Holden, CIO at The AA

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author:by Mark Thomas

In my sixth episode of the Behind the Desk with Mark Thomas podcast, I'm joined Chief Information Officer (CIO) at The AA, Ollie Holden.

Ollie has been a technology leader for over 20 years and started his career over 15-year stints at Accenture, before several roles in insurance and most recently leading the major top to bottom technology transformation, the well-known household brand the AA.

In this episode, we hear all about Ollie's journey from consulting, moving from capital markets to insurance and his journey into the AA, where he found an under-invested technology estate and has now spent the last four years sorting that out. Ollie's journey has been a real step-by-step rise to the top with some brilliant pieces of advice for those looking to do the same. A really charismatic and genuine guy with some impressive brands and achievements to match.

Let's get behind the desk with Ollie Holden.