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Behind the Desk... with David Daiches, COO and Co-Founder at INSHUR

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 3 years ago
  • Author:by Mark Thomas

In my fifth episode of Behind the Desk with Mark Thomas, I'm joined by INSHUR COO and Co-Founder, David Daiches.

David and his co-founder Dan started INSHUR nearly six years ago to solve the problem of Uber drivers getting insurance quickly in New York. Since then, the company has expanded rapidly, going from 20 to over 150 employees in the last two years and now operating out the UK and Netherlands, as well as the US.

I loved speaking to David about his journey and the ups and downs of startup life. We discussed these views and where insurance needs to adapt and evolve and his vision for INSHUR over the coming years.

A truly inspiring conversation with a forward-thinking tech leader who started life in retail and is ended up changing the face of private hire career insurance.

Let's get behind the desk with David Daiches.