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Placing Platform Ltd has begun taking marine business

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Placing Platform Ltd, the digital insurance exchange, has begun taking marine business putting to bed rumours it would have to delay the role out due to a revolt in the market. An alliance of marine underwriters complained in January that the new platform would not be fit for purpose. PPL now has over 950 brokers and underwriters with the inclusion of the marine market who were the toughest to bring on board. PPL said that because it had got the support of the marine market it was now on track for its March timetable. PPL chairman David Ledger said, "Market adoption across the existing lines of business is growing and, as the platform gains more users and improvements come on line, so we are seeing market confidence increase. We are making a number of upgrades to the platform as well as enhancements to functionality and usability. The marine market represents the historic roots of the London market, and we are delighted that this significant class of business has joined the PPL community."