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Manulife has hired several regional directors, as part of a total of 17 promotions

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Manulife have hired several regional directors.

Peter Shum has been promoted to the position of Hong Kong’s first-ever senior executive regional director, having joined Manulife Hong Kong in 1973.

Johnny Chan and Andy Tse have both been promoted to the position of executive regional director.

David Li has been promoted to senior regional director. In addition, Gigi So, Nelson Ho, Veni Hui, Mabel Chong, Anna Ng Shum, and Daniel Tang have all been promoted to senior district directors.

Alan Lam, Ray Ngan, Kim-Yan Wong, Franco Tsui, Dave lee, Garvin Siu, and Ray Fok have all been promoted to district directors.