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Terrorism activity expected in the region in the coming year according to Aon

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Aon have said, in its 2017 Risk Maps for Political Risk and Terrorism and Political Violence report, that an increase in terrorist activity in Asia is expected this year. Julian Taylor, broking strategist & head of crisis management, Asia, Aon Risk Solutions said, “This is associated with the rise of the Islamic State throughout Asia, and the number of Asian citizens who have returned from fighting in the Middle East, radicalised, to their home countries. Terrorist attacks are becoming increasingly diverse in terms of their modus operandi. We have seen a shift away from a physical property risk towards an increased people risk, as attackers move away from large-scale bomb attacks towards highly motivated individuals or groups using hand-held weapons or vehicles.” Singapore’s terrorism and political violence risk level has been raised from ‘negligible’ to 'low’ in light of recent arrests of reported extremists in the country and the Indonesian authorities reported disruption of a terrorist plot to attack the island in 2016. The terrorism and political violence risk level is likely to remain ‘high’ in the Philippines during 2017, with the Islamic State promoting the country as a regional hub for militants not able to travel to Syria or Iraq. Malaysia’s overall score has been raised to ‘medium’ following the first Islamic State-linked attack in the country, an increase in the number of terrorist arrests in 2016, and multiple kidnappings by Philippines-based militants in the eastern province of Sabah.