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Lloyd’s underwriters file countersuit against Kayne West

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

Lloyd’s syndicates have filed a countersuit against Kanye West, citing “substantial irregularities” in the rapper’s medical history.

In August, Kanye West and his touring company sued various syndicates at Lloyd’s for $10mn in a claims dispute over cancelled tours dates, with insurers refusing to pay out for the final 21 dates on his Saint Pablo tour, which were cancelled when he fell ill in November 2016.

According to court documents, the carriers say that West’s touring company, Very Good Touring Inc, had failed to cooperate in the insurance company’s investigation into the claim for cancelled concerts.

In its countersuit, the consortium of Lloyd’s underwriters said West’s company and other representatives “have delayed, hindered, stalled and or refused to provide information both relevant and necessary for underwriters to complete their investigation of the claim.”

“[The] underwriters are informed and believe, and thereon these same persons have wilfully concealed and or misrepresented relevant facts in an effort to thwart Underwriters’ investigation,” the counterclaim stated.

Within the court documents, Lloyds noted that its policies exclude any losses that are caused directly or indirectly by the possession or use of illegal drugs, the impact of prescription drugs not used as prescribed, or the use of alcohol.

The court documents said in order to protect West “from public disclosure of details of his private life,” Lloyd’s would not include specific information it had obtained in relation to the claim.

The insurers are requesting for the judge to rule that they have no duty to cover the tour company, and that they are awarded legal costs arising from the lawsuit.