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Barbican launches Barbican Cyber ‘One-Step-Ahead’ resilience product

  • Publish Date: Posted about 6 years ago
  • Author:by Alan Jarque

Barbican has launched Barbican Cyber ‘One-Step-Ahead’ (OSA), a unique product partnership with leading cyber risk management specialists to provide a series of ‘value adds’, at no additional cost, to help insureds assess and improve their cyber resilience.

Barbican has structured the product to address three areas of cyber resilience; cyber reconnaissance, cyber phishing defence, and cyber intrusion response. It combines software components, onsite and offsite training and detailed evaluation and recommendation reports to support organisations in their efforts to bolster overall cyber security measures.

OSA also offers access to FICO Enterprise Security Score (ESS) Portrait software, a tool that identifies externally visible weak spots and red flag indicators that leave organisations vulnerable to system intruders.

In addition, TSC Advantage, an enterprise risk and cybersecurity consulting firm, will provide phishing simulation training through Barbican’s OSA, which will measure an organisation’s current resilience to phishing attacks, assess the awareness of its staff, and offer detailed recommendations for improvement.

TSC Advantage will also deliver OSA’s intrusion response component, which evaluates an organisation’s response capabilities following a cyber incident, using table-top exercises and in-depth documentation reviews.

Commenting on the launch, Graeme King, business group leader for cyber at Barbican, said: “The cyber threat is growing exponentially spurred on by ever-increasing connectivity and constantly evolving attack strategies. To stay in control, you need to get ahead of the cyber attacker – and that is exactly where we believe Barbican Cyber ‘One Step Ahead’ places our insureds. It brings together leaders in the cyber resilience arena to help our insureds bolster what we see as some of the most critical aspects of their cyber security strategy.”