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Pride: The danger of hiding who you are

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 6 years ago
  • Author:by Matt Eames

We have have a right to feel proud of who we are, no matter what the environment. However, a surprisingly large number of people hide aspects of their identity, particularly at work.

In this heartfelt TED talk, Morgana Bailey, a human resources activist, explores the danger of hiding who you are and its personal professional and societal consequences.

In her talk, she references a 2013 Deloitte study which found that 61 percent of all the employees they surveyed reported changing an aspect of their behaviour or their appearance in order to fit in at work. Of all the gay, lesbian and bisexual employees, 83 percent admitted to changing some aspects of themselves so they would not appear at work "too gay".

In celebration of Pride in London, these 20 minutes are well worth a watch.