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Grab: Steering the industry towards positive technological innovation and hiring sustainability

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Mohamed Idris

Grab boasts an environment that breeds innovation, thrives on technological adoption and works to stay ahead of its competition. All the while attracting new talent and maintaining existing employees who feel supported and nurtured. What 3 elements can be contributed to Grab’s growing empire?

Success breeds success: Grab’s continuous, undeniable growth

Starting its life in a garage in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Grab has expanded across South East Asia, moving seamlessly into each new stage of growth as the super app that covers multiple services offering transport, GrabFood, GrabFinance, mobile payment and package delivery to over 36 million users.

Grab this year it celebrated its seventh year in the region and sixth year in the Philippines, estimated to have contributed US$5.8bn to Southeast Asia’s economy in 12 months to March 2019.

Grab has recently expanded in its network of partners by joining forces with, allowing the app users access to its large fleet of drivers across 8 countries in Southeast Asia. Truly reinforcing its name as one of the most diverse touchpoint companies in the world.

A recruitment outlook that fills its employees’ hunger for progress

One of the toughest problem’s companies experience in our digital world today is being able to provide high calibre professionals with the opportunity to work on challenging tasks, the ability to innovate and be continuously encouraged to surpass boundaries.

A way that Grab can support this challenge for its engineers and data scientists is to enable them to work on tough tasks and let them think of out of the box solutions.  They are given the go-ahead and entrusted to work on some fascinating problems in transport, economics and the logistics of the multiple businesses under the Grab umbrella.

Another key factor of growth is the continuity in recruitment, but most importantly the retention and training of talent. Across Asia and the US, Grab uses its own talent pool and connections to have a competitive advantage when it needs to scale and develop its talent pool.

Over the last decade, engineering has been on a slow incline and the hope from Grab is that local graduates in the region will see the enormous benefit to having a career in the Internet economy and will take the risk in joining startups when they graduate.

However, the opportunities are not just afforded to the experienced, but to the ambitious.  Grab has launched an AI Southeast Asia Challenge that promotes the use of data and AI to solve some of the region’s biggest urban challenges. Even junior employees who are working for Grab do so while studying or supporting their families and are given an open door to enhancing their skills beyond their title.

The business bleeds innovation

Grab has established and embedded a culture and working environment that aims for innovation.

The technological guru has announced its intentions to invest $150 million in artificial intelligence and in turn, to actively hire more engineers to expand across all areas of the business.

A way of thinking that is setting it aside from other tech hungry giants is its outlook that AI should not be built for the sake of building it, but so it acts as a vital benefit to partners, employees and consumers. “We want to go from AI-powered to AI everywhere,” co-founder Tan Hooi Ling in an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Haslinda Amin.

The data science team at Grab have the combined objective to upgrade what they currently offer by using AI, data mining and deep learning. They are amongst the top 10 organisations hiring data scientists in Singapore and seek those with experience in machine learning (ML) frameworks, Scala, Python, building ML models and more.

A successful combination; prioritising areas of the business that will grow its profits and presence across the globe and continuously nurturing talent and opening their doors to those with the same drive and ambition to succeed and stay ahead of the competition.