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The parts of software development recruitment you don’t get to see

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago
  • Author:by Sean Kennedy

There is not a huge amount of content surrounding Software Development. It would be fair to say that these professionals are usually found working away behind a computer screen and their role is often hard to explain to the everyday individual. Well, for all those Software Developers I am afraid it is time to step into the spotlight and roll with all the changes currently happening across the industry.

What will make you stand out to potential employers?

If I could pinpoint one demand from clients for potential employees it is the rise of soft skills. It is becoming massively important for Software Developers to become more interactive and develop the social skills to stand in front of a board and relay their statistics, progress, and challenges. The niche technical knowledge for the role will always remain a high priority but, a technically savvy Software Developer with the soft skills to interact with the rest of the business, particularly management, will put them in high demand and make them exceptionally desirable.

Technology is constantly evolving – that is a normal statement now right?

Technology as a whole is constantly changing, platforms and programs are being continuously upgraded or renewed and it can often feel as if you get to grips with one concept to then find a new version is available. As a recruiter who has a passion for tech, it is mind-boggling to me at how fast everything is evolving, so I can only imagine for Software Developers it is an art form – kudos to you!

However, credit must go to my clients. If there is an aspect I find particularly awe-inspiring it is not only how candidates adapt their skillsets to these changes, but how clients anticipate and react to keep up with the market.

IR35, it has to be discussed!

We may have a revolving door of new tech making its debut but I am also witnessing other topics as a point of discussion. To name one, in particular, would be IR35.

IR35 is making a vital impact across the industry for both contractors and permanent professionals. The general feedback I have had is that many have no idea where it will take us but, one concern clients are expressing is how they can differentiate what contract candidates genuinely have their heart in a permanent role. “Does that candidate want the role or are they just saying that because they fear not finding a contract job?” Clients understandably want to know that contractors making the move want to be there for the long-haul! (Tip for those contractors looking to move to perm – genuinely want a career in the roles you are interviewing for).

Penny for my thoughts?

My career as a recruiter has allowed me to see both a client and a candidate's side of the conversation. Having this insight, what piece of advice would I give to my clients? Keep interviews simple! I get it, new technology is at your disposal allowing you to advance the interview process and it can take away any worry that you might have missed out a crucial question. This can cause interviews to stretch from a two-stage process to five stages, with multiple psychological testing and even lie detector tests – not joking. Remember, the candidates are not just selling themselves, you are selling your company, a certain amount of trust has to go into hiring an employee, so keep it streamlined and show them why you are the client to work for.

Not forgetting advice for my candidates, again, keep it simple! It can be easy to fall into the thinking that gaining a new skillset or completing a certain qualification can merit a massive jump in salary. For those just starting their software development careers, getting your foot in the door is the most valuable thing you can do. Your experience over time is what will back your profile for promotions and salary increases in the future, but boosting your salary so early on because of additional skillsets will set you aside from those who are willing to put in the hard work and add to their experience with an employer.

Software developers are having to come out of their shell to make their voice and responsibilities heard within a company. Technology is constantly pushing clients and candidates to stay ahead of the changes and it is not leaving anyone untouched. As the topics of IR35 and coronavirus also have impacts on the industry don’t forget that the wheels must keep turning, and recruiters like myself are here to give advice to employers and employees looking to still grow and progress in their sector.