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Singapore: what was hot in cybersecurity for 2019?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author:by Elmer Tan

What was hot in the Singaporean cybersecurity market in 2019? 

  • Cyber Analytics: Hiring data science professionals and teaching them security OR hiring security professionals and teaching them data.
  • SOC Capability Upgrading: New vendors (custom connectors, new processes, advanced, easy to use, high availability on cloud) vs. existing vendors (easy to integrate, less flexibility, clunky).
  • Cloud Security: Increased regulations, increased adoption of cloud.
  • In-Sourcing: Application security, Red Teams.
  • Data Security: Increased scrutiny of data usage and handling.
  • Offshoring and Automation: Less demand for operational roles- issues with talent and geographical distance.
  • Visionary Leaders: Bringing in senior professionals to transform the organisation

Hiring Challenges:

  • Culture/Tone at the top: Management must understand the need to have a robust cybersecurity programme.
  • Skills vs Personality: Skills can be taught, but personality can hardly be changed. Hire people with the right attitude and ambition to succeed.
  • Finding the 'right' person: It is easy to put up and ad or work with just about any recruitment agency on your panel, but how can you be sure that the person you are about to hire can deliver? You either ask a trusted contact in the industry or work with a specialist recruiter trusted by the industry.

Looking across industries

  • Singapore for cybersecurity hub: Many organisations have chosen SG as their regional/global hub for cybersecurity
  • Digital banking: Non-financial institutions going for the digital banking licenses have increased their hiring of cybersecurity professionals
  • Can non-financial services pay? Yes and no. Organisations out of Financial Institutions tend to not be able to pay as much at senior level, hence a common practice is for them to offer RSUs (Restricted Stock Units)

For further information including a breakdown of salaries across industries please download the full report, or get in touch with Elmer directly to discuss.