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Technology Infrastructure Market Update UK 2020

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 4 years ago
  • Author:by Robin Muir

There has been a shift in responsibility for infrastructure management and those technical SME’s working in cross-functional teams and what they can now deliver for a business.

Before, there would have been a large focus on being pigeonholed into maintaining business operations, but that shift of responsibility has become more about how they can be utilised to design/develop products or services that help solve a business wide problem and enhance business strategy.

There has always been a large divide in the insurance industry when looking at the capability of IT. The ages of insurance businesses has always bred a legacy mindset in the sense that business change agendas have always driven IT departments, rather than the business opening themselves up to understanding the benefit of using their IT teams ‘the right way’.

For further information including the impact of Covid-19, what was hot in Infrastructure in 2019/20, Role Analysis, hiring analysis, IR35 and more please download the full report, or get in touch with Robin directly to discuss.