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Behind the Desk... with Somita Yogi, Chief Data Officer

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author:by Mark Thomas

In episode 8 ofBehind the Desk with Mark Thomas, I am joined by Somita Yogi, Chief Data Officer. She has recently left her role at Animal Friends and has an impressive career history, holding key leadership roles at the Post Office, Tui and SunGard.

Somita is a dynamic leader in the Insurtech space and has some brilliant insight and anecdotes on how you can evolve from being a hands-on technologist to a business leader. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her; she has been a great personality to have on the podcast this season. In this episode, we discuss her career so far, how she manages her work-life balance with two children, her thoughts on diversity and insurance, wider technology and how she sees the market developing over the coming years.

Let’s get behind the desk with Somita Yogi.