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Iwd 2023 (15)
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​IWD: #EmbraceEquity with Chu Mansfield, Compliance Manager at Ingenia Consultants

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author:by Vincent Yao

This International Women's Day, I interviewed Chu Mansfield, Compliance Manager at Ingenia Consultants, and she shared her thoughts on how we can #EmbraceEquity.

Equity can be defined as giving everyone what they need to be successful. The IWD 2023 campaign theme seeks to forge worldwide understanding about why equal opportunities aren’t enough, and a focus on gender equity needs to be part of every society’s DNA.

International Women’s Day belongs to everyone, everywhere. Collectively, we can all help create a diverse, equitable and inclusive world.

1. How can companies strive for more equitable talent attraction?

In order to attract talent, companies should be more flexible, such as flexible work arrangements, hybrid working environments, or even working sharing arrangements. Companies should explore the working from anywhere concept as well. This will greatly assist in equitable hiring, as it will provide greater opportunities for equity in home life, such as sharing childcare responsibilities, and will allow for greater work-life balance.

2. Within your market/industry sector, what progress have you seen businesses take to progress gender equity?

A lot of progress has been made in recent years in terms of hiring in the areas of compliance. However, there is still a lot of work to be done in the hiring space in terms of global markets compliance or product specialist compliance, such as commodities, breaking through the male-dominated arena.

3. What is one action companies can take to further balance their talent attraction strategies?

Companies should embrace cultural change and be more inclusive and flexible in their approach and throw away the one-size fits all attitude.

4. What is your top advice for making job descriptions more inclusive?

Companies should walk the talk. HR should ensure that the job description is drafted thoughtfully and inclusive in nature.

5. Do you think that more companies adopting a hybrid working pattern has helped to shift pre-conceived conceptions about flexible working for women, and why?
There is still a long way to go in terms of flexible working hours for women. Companies should adopt a flexible working day for women, without set hours but centred on getting the job done.

6. What does being an effective ally for women look like to you?

Be courageous. Speak up when companies undertake discriminatory policies or actions, even if minor. Minor actions allow for the snowballing of major developments, which can affect change.

7. What advice would you give aspiring women in the industry you work in?

Do not be afraid. Push yourself and get outside your comfort zone. Champion yourself, and do not sell yourself short.

8. International Women’s Day is also about celebrating women and their achievements. What woman/women inspire you?

I am lucky to have a few good friends and even in the face of adversity, they have risen to the challenge. They inspire me as a woman to act with bravery in both my career and as a mother.

9. What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

There is always a perceived glass ceiling for women.