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Eames Insights: A lens over the Singapore technology market

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago

​ChatGPT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency - all have implications for professionals both working and leading in the technology sector. But what are the opinions about the impacts they may have? I have gathered insights from three leaders in the sector to probe into each topic and how it relates to scenarios in business.

With the emergence of AI and ChatGPT, what impact do you feel this will have on the market regarding software development and candidates using it to complete technical tests during the interview process?

  • This is an amazing tool for engineers and data scientists, as it saves a whole lot of time. I believe in the long term, it will have a positive impact. It might affect the engineers with lower skill sets, as they may not be good enough to use as a tool to help them. We also need to recognise that it will be used to cheat on tests, and this will ultimately change the way people are tested. - Senior Engineering Leader at Financial Institution

  • Candidates cheating on technical tests has always been a challenge for hiring. The emergence of ChatGPT further worsens this problem. Thankfully, solutions are being built to identify if ChatGPT was used for generating code or content. Companies should do away with offline technical tests and, wherever possible, get candidates for in-house interviews and have them whiteboard the solutions to minimize the risk. - Hari Thiruppathi, Engineering Leader

  • Like many things with AI, the real power of this is in a human-AI collaboration more than anything. So, if anyone can use ChatGPT or Code Pilot to complete their technical tests, I think it's okay - they are being smart about it. It is similar to using Google to find the right syntax or StackOverflow to find the right design to solve the coding problem. When I hire someone into my team, I'd be interested in talking to them about their technical test, to understand why they chose a design or implementation. If they can defend their solution, ChatGPT or not, they are a good hire. - Archanaa Ravikumar, Head of Engineering at Autumn

What impact do you think the current state of the cryptocurrency market will have on the financial market, and vice versa?

  • I don’t see any big flow-on effects. But traditional finance might have an impact on crypto; if the recession hits harder it will hit the cryptocurrency as well. This might be a good investment opportunity. - Senior Engineering Leader at Financial Institution

  • The sell-offs happening in traditional assets due to the plunge of cryptocurrencies have an impact on businesses as their capital shrinks and they find it hard to innovate, grow or even sustain. This leads to things such as budget replanning and headcount reductions. - Hari Thiruppathi, Engineering Leader

How do you feel blockchain can be adopted into traditional banking and payment systems?

  • Yes and no; it has technological limitations. It is a more generic tool and will struggle to match traditional banking tools that are built specifically, for example, trading. Sustainability-wise isn’t too bad. - Senior Engineering Leader at Financial Institution

  • Banks can issue new blockchain-based digital assets that are less risky than the decentralized currencies, by pegging them to assets that have an intrinsic value. - Hari Thiruppathi, Engineering Leader