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Episode 8 Imtiaz Hussain
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Inside the Auditorium Podcast: Imtiaz Hussain [Episode 8]

​Explore climate change, data analytics and AI in internal audit in the eighth episode of the 'Inside the Auditorium' podcast with our guest Imtiaz Hussain, managing director and deputy chief auditor for BNY Mellon.

This episode explores:

  • Navigating environmental and climate risks: Financial services has a responsibility to the environment, and internal audit plays a big part in this. Imtiaz shares the three critical dimensions organisations focus on today: people, planet, and profit. Internal audit plays a vital role in evaluating organisational commitments, preventing greenwashing, and rolling out environmental, social or D&I strategies.

  • The power of emotional intelligence in stakeholder engagement: Imtiaz shares his learnings on the importance of emotional intelligence as a leadership style and in stakeholder management. Whether addressing or selling an issue, understanding viewpoints and being able to effectively listen and communicate is paramount.

  • Internal audit and beyond: Imtiaz discusses the expansive role and the opportunities to play a role in educating the entire organisation, providing value-add services such as training, awareness, education and thought leadership.

Don’t miss this episode as Imtiaz delves into the pivotal role of an internal auditor and the breadth of opportunities and responsibilities available as he provides actionable insights and key takeaways, particularly across the ESG space.

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Note: The views expressed by Imtiaz are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer.