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Episode 7 Ivan Martinez
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Inside the Auditorium Podcast: Ivan Martinez [Episode 7]

​Delve into the untapped potential and unique skill sets that internal auditors bring to the table in the seventh episode of Inside the Auditorium with our guest, Ivan Martinez, Chief Audit Executive at Santander.

This episode explores:

  • Unlocking hidden potential: Ivan shares his perspective on how individuals transitioning from non-audit backgrounds often perceive internal audit as mere rule enforcers. However, he explains the evolving role of internal audit, transforming from traditional assurance work to becoming strategic advisors and essential business partners.

  • The internal auditor's breadth of perspective: Apart from the CEO, internal auditors possess a holistic understanding of an organisation's structure. The internal auditor’s role positions them as the CEO’s ally in managing a wide scope of risks and issues that otherwise may go unnoticed.

  • Embracing data analytics: Ivan advocates for incorporating more data analytics into business-as-usual (BAU) activities and stresses the importance of automating testing processes, such as reconciliations and independent business analysis, through embedding new tools.

Tune in to gain valuable insights from Ivan as he challenges the stereotypes of internal audit as a "tick in the box" role and the increasing demand for internal auditors to be integral to decision-making processes.


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Note: The views expressed by Ivan are his own and do not necessarily reflect those of his employer.