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​Eames Consulting And The Insurance Community Join Forces To Transform The Future Of Insurance Talent Acquisition
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Eames Consulting announces exclusive partnership with The Insurance Community to transform the future of insurance talent acquisition

  • Publish Date: Posted 5 months ago
  • Author:by Sam Crayk

Eames Consulting proudly announces its partnership with The Insurance Community.

The Insurance Community (TIC), a revolutionary industry-focused platform, is set to transform the insurance sector by uniting students, young professionals, and established insurance organisations worldwide within a dynamic digital space.

“In a sector which thrives on strong business relationships and networks, TIC provides a simplistic platform for all members to build and strengthen those connections, helping you to forge professional and lasting relationships. This forum allows both students and professionals to begin new discussions, ask questions and gain insight into the insurance world. TIC is everything you need to know about the insurance industry in the palm of your hands,” shares Mary Alade, Chief Strategy Officer at Aon Reinsurance Solutions & Founder of The Insurance Community.

For progressive insurance organisations, TIC provides the essential tools to build, manage, and engage with employees, prospective talent, and professionals. Job seekers can explore a wealth of advice, guidance, and industry insights, supporting their career journey in the sector.

In this exclusive partnership, Eames Consulting and TIC are committed to unlocking new opportunities and nurturing talent within the insurance industry. We will actively contribute by sharing exclusive content, employment opportunities, and events and providing support to emerging talent on the TIC platform.

Having supported organisations and job seekers in the global insurance market for over two decades, we recognise a shared concern: a shortage of fresh and diverse talent entering the sector. TIC addresses these industry-wide challenges, offering a comprehensive solution to bridge the gap.

"When I met Mary, I fell instantly in love with her passion for The Insurance Community and the opportunities it presented. We're excited to partner with TIC and help grow the most powerful online community for the insurance industry. In this partnership, we're actively shaping the future of the insurance industry, one where individuals have the tools and resources to forge their paths and where businesses can tap into the brightest, most creative and diverse talent." says Sam Crayk, partner at Eames Consulting.

Eames Consulting marketing director Sarah Roebuck said, “I'm thrilled to announce our exclusive partnership with The Insurance Community (TIC), a refreshing approach to connecting individuals with thriving insurance organisations. This collaboration is a commitment to nurturing the next generation of insurance talent. Together, we're bridging gaps and actively shaping the future of the industry.”

Eames Consulting and TIC invite insurance professionals, organisations, students, and graduates to join the platform by visiting

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Roebuck
Group Marketing Director, Eames Consulting