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Episode 3 Karen Connell
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Inside the Auditorium Podcast: Karen Connell

​We delve deep into the realm of audit in the fourth episode of ‘Inside the Auditorium’ with our next guest, Karen Connell, Chief Audit Officer for PaySafe. We discuss how internal audit offers opportunities for career growth and variety, the importance of bringing your full self to work, and transferable skills across internal audit functions. Karen also provides advice for women looking to build their careers in internal audit and discusses the future of remote work.

This episode explores:

  • Empowering women in audit: Karen advocates for returners programs and the immense value they provide to organisations and the wealth of transferable skills that individuals bring to the table

  • Embrace your authenticity: In a world where authenticity is key, Karen encourages professionals to bring their whole selves to work, sharing the importance of being genuine, passionate, and motivated

  • The value of transferable skills: Karen sheds light on the transferable skills required to navigate different areas of audit. She highlights the need to get to know the nuts and bolts of an organisation and understanding where risks are and apply those skills you already have

Don’t miss out on Karen’s wealth of knowledge, guidance, and expert insights that will help elevate your career in the ever-evolving landscape of internal audit.

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Note: The views expressed by Karen are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer.