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Episode 7 Alex Gibbons
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Inside the Auditorium Podcast: Alex Gibbons

Being at the forefront of regulation and innovation in internal audit is the most prevalent focus of our discussion in episode seven ofInside the Auditorium. Alex Gibbons, Head of Internal Audit at HSBC Innovation Banking joins us to explore the role of internal audit in facilitating change and improvement within organisations, particularly in relation to innovation and technology.

This episode explores:

  • Market outlook for innovation: Alex shares valuable insights into the rapidly evolving landscape of AI, cyber, and information security. With a focus on governance and regulation, she sheds light on the importance of staying ahead in these critical areas.

  • The role of an audit professional: Discover why being in internal audit is akin to being a VIP with access to all areas of an organisation. Alex emphasises the role of audit professionals as catalysts for change, facilitators for solutions, and key stakeholders in driving organisational success.

  • Building impactful teams and strategies: Learn from Alex's experience in founding and leading teams, navigating challenges, and driving impactful strategies. She highlights the dynamic nature of internal audit and the creative opportunities it presents for making a real difference in the business landscape.

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Note: The views expressed by Alex are her own and do not necessarily reflect those of her employer.