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Job Description

The role revolves around creating, executing, and overseeing strategies for block storage solutions, emphasizing their performance, reliability, and security. Duties encompass identifying and addressing storage issues, automating deployment and provisioning tasks, and consistently assessing performance and capacity requirements. Effective teamwork is essential for seamlessly integrating storage solutions into the overall infrastructure. Staying abreast of developments in block, file, and object storage technologies is imperative, as is offering secondary support for file and object storage systems



  • Proficient with block storage technologies: Dell PowerMax, SRDF/Metro, Purestorage, Cisco MDS switches

  • Familiarity with file storage systems (Isilon, NetApp) and object storage (Dell ECS) is advantageous

  • Strong scripting and automation skills: shell scripting, Python, Ansible

  • Excellent problem-solving abilities for complex storage issues

  • Effective communication and collaboration skills